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Scientific Unit Converter 1.0

Unit Conversion Software to Convert Hundreds of Units of Measurements


Scientific Unit converter is an easy to use unit converter software that allows you to convert between hundreds of units of measurement. It supports 650 units of measurements in 30 different categories. It also comes with a Unit Manager tool to add your own custom units. And a History feature to view your past conversions. A must have tool for all Students, Engineers and Scientists.



  • Convert between 650 Units of Measurement in 30 Categories
  • Unit Manager - To add your own custom units
  • History Feature - To view your past conversions
  • Free Life Time Updates - Buy once and get all future versions for free

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Version History

Version 1.0: Initial Release

Release Dates:  
Version 1.0: 11-Jun-2012

Supported Unit Conversions and Categories
Acceleration (6)
centimeter/second^2, foot/second^2, free fall, meter/second^2, mile/hour second, millimeter/second^2

Amt. of Substance (4)
Mole, millimole, micromole, kilomole

Angle (13)
Degrees, grad, minute, radian, revolution, right angle, second, sextant, sign, mil, Circles, Circumferences, Quadrants

Area (48)
square kilometers, acres, ares, square centimeters, decameters, decimeters,
square feet, hectares, hectometers, square inches, square meters, square miles, square micrometers, square millimeters, perches, poles, rods, roods, section (US) survey, township (US) survey, square yards, acres (Brazil), acres (France), chou,
danbo, heihou shaku, jeongbo, morgen (Hungary), mu, ping, pyeong, pyeongbangja,
rai, square chr, square fathoms (Hungary), square lar, square tsuen, square va, tan,
tsubo, barn, Circular Inches, square Decimeters, square Dekameters, square Feet [UK & US], square Feet [US Survey], square Links (Grunter's), Townships

Base (5)
binary, decimal, hexadecimal, octal, Text

Computer (22)
Kilobyte, bit, byte, exabyte, gigabyte, kilobit, megabit, megabyte, nibble, petabyte, terabyte, yottabyte, zettabyte, CD (74 minute), CD (80 minute), DVD (1 layer, 1 side), DVD (1 layer, 2 side), DVD (2 layer, 1 side), DVD (2 layer, 2 side), word, nibble, floppy disk (3.5" HD)

Concentration (13)
mole/liter, kilomole/meter^3, micromole/centimeter^3, micromole/decimeter^3, micromole/liter, millimole/centimeter^3, millimole/decimeter^3, millimole/liter
millimole/meter^3, millimole/milliliter, mole/decimeter^3, mole/meter^3, one elementry entry/meter^3

Fuel Consumption (11)
kilometers/liter, miles/gallon (UK), miles/gallon (US), kilometers/gallon (US),
mile (US)/liter, meter/liter, nautical mile/gallon (US), nautical mile/liter, meter/gallon (UK), meter/gallon (US), liter/100 km

Density (8)
kilograms/meter^3, grams/centimeter^3, grams/meter^3, ounces/gallon (US), pounds/foot^3, pounds/inch^3, tons/yard^3, milligram/meter^3

Distance (68)
Centimeters, cubits long (Biblical), cubits short (Biblical), decameters, decimeters, ells, fathoms, feet, freet (US) survey, fingerbreadths (Biblical), furlongs, hands, hectometers, inches, kilometers, leagues (UK), leagues international, leagues statute, meters, micrometers, microns, miles, miles - imperial, miles - nautical, millimeters, mils, paces, parsecs, picas, points, poles, reeds (Biblical long), reeds (Biblical short), rods, sajens (Russian pre-metric), spans (Biblical), versta (Russian pre-metric), yards, light-year, angstroms, astronomical units, barleycorns, chains (UK), chi, chou, chr, cun, fathoms (Hungary), gan, hunh, ja, Jeong, kabiet, ken, keub, lar, links (UK), nieu, ri (Japan), ri (Korea), sawk, sen, shaku, sun, tsuen, va, yote, zhang

Energy (34)
watt-hour, therm, electron volt, calorie, atto joule, BTU, dyne-centimeter, erg, gig joule, gig watt-hour, gram force-centimeter, horsepower-hour, joule, kilocalorie, kilo electron volt, kilojoules, kilowatt-hour, mega electron volt, mega joule, megawatt-hour, micro joule, Nan joule, Newton-meter, ounce force-inch, pound force-foot, pound force-inch, poundal-foot, watt-second, 15 deg C calories, nutrition calories, fuel oil equivalent @barrel (US), fuel oil equivalent @kiloliter, Rydberg constant, Hartree energy

Flow (34)
cubic yard/hour, cubic centimeter/hour, cubic centimeter/minute, cubic centimeter/second, cubic foot/hour, cubic foot/minute, cubic foot/second, gallon/day (UK), gallon/hour (UK), gallon/minute (UK), gallon/second (UK), gallon/day, gallon/hour, gallon/minute, gallon/second, liter/day, liter/hour, liter/minute, liter/second, cubic meter/day, cubic meter/hour, cubic meter/minute, cubic meter/second, milliliter/hour, milliliter/minute, milliliter/second, ounce/hour (UK), ounce/minute (UK), ounce/second (UK), ounce/hour, ounce/minute, ounce/second, cubic yard/minute, cubic yard/second

Force (18)
pound-force, dyne, gram-force, kilogram-force, kilonewton, millinewton, Newton, ounce-force, attonewton, centinewton, decinewton, dekanewton, exanewton, femtonewton, giganewton, joule/centimeter, joule/meter, pound foot/second^2

Light (9)
flame, foot-candles, lux, meter-candles, centimeter-candles, phot, lumen/square, meter, lumen/square foot, watt/square centimeter

Power (36)
Watts, BTU/hour, BTU/second, BTU/minute, calorie/second, candle power, ergs/second, feet-atmospheres/hour, gram-centimeters/second, horsepower, horsepower - boiler, horsepower - electric, horsepower - metric, joules/hour, joules/second, kg-meters/hour, kilocalories/second, kilowatts-hour, lumens, Megawatts, milliwatts, pound-feet/hour, pound-feet/minute, pound-feet/second, poundal-feet/minute, ton, refrigeration, horsepower (water), BTU (th)/hour, BTU (th)/minute, BTU (th)/second, calorie (th)/hour, calorie (th)/minute, calorie (th)/second, calorie/hour, calorie/minute, MBtu/hour

Watts (25)
B.t.u./hr, B.t.u. (mean)/hr, B.t.u. /min, B.t.u. (mean)/min, B.t.u. /sec, B.t.u. (mean)/sec, Cal. gm./hr, Cal. gm. (mean)/hr, Cal. gm. (20oC)/hr, Cal. gm./min, Cal. gm. (IST.)/min, Cal. gm. (mean)/min, Cal. kg./min, Cal. kg. (IST.)/min, Cal. kg. (mean)/min, Ergs/sec, Foot-pounds/min, Horsepower, Horsepower (boiler), Horsepower (eletric), Horsepower (metric), Jouls/sec, Kilowatts, Liter-atm./hr., Watts

Pressure (42)
bar, atmosphere, centimeter of mercury, dyne/centimeter^2, inch of mercury (32 D F), kilogram/centimeter^2, kilogram/meter^2, kilopascal, mega Pascal, microbar, millibar, millimeter of mercury, Pascal, pound/foot^2, pound/inch^2, PSI, ton/foot^2, ton/inch^2, torr, centimeter of water (4 D C), inch of water (60 D F), inch of mercury (60 D F), inch of water (4 D C), Feet of Water, Hectopascals (hPa), Kg-force/sq.centimetre, Kg-force/sq.metre, Kilonewton/sq.metre, Kips/sq.inch, Meganewtons/sq.metre, Metres of Water, Millimetres of water, Newtons/sq.centimetre, Newtons/sq.metre, Newtons/sq.millimetre, Poundals/sq.foot, Tons[UK]-force/sq.foot, Tons[UK]-force/sq.inch, Tons[US]-force/sq.foot, Tons[US]-force/sq.inch, Tonnes-force/, Tonnes-force/sq.metre

Sound (3)
Decibel, bel, neper

Temperature (4)
Fahrenheit, Celsius, Rankine, Kelvin

Time (20)
days, ages, hours, microseconds, milliseconds, minutes, months (30 days), months (31 days), months (average 30.44 days), seconds, weeks, years (365 days), years (366 days), years (average 365.25 days), century, decade, fortnight, leap-year, millennium, nanosecond

Torque (13)
Newton meter, dyne centimeter, gram-force centimeter, kilogram-force meter, kiloNewton meter, kilopond meter, megaNewton meter, microNewton meter, milliNewton meter, ounce-force foot, ounce-force inch, pound-force foot, pound-force inch

Velocity (25)
mile/hour, centimeter/hour, centimeter/minute, centimeter/second, foot/hour, foot/minute, foot/second, kilometer/hour, kilometer/minute, kilometer/second, knot, mach, meter/hour, meter/minute, meter/second, mile/minute, mile/second, cosmic (first), cosmic (second), cosmic (third), light in vacuum [c], sound in pure water, yard/hour, yard/minute, yard/second

Volume (80)
liters, barrels (UK), barrels petroleum, barrels (US) dry, barrels (US) liquid, barrels wine, baths (Biblical), bottle, 1/16 pails, bottle, 1/20 pails, bushels (UK), bushels (US), cabs (Biblical), cords, cors (Biblical), cubic centimeters CC, cubic feet, cubic inches, cubic meters, cubic yards, cups, drams (US) fluid, drops, ephahs (Biblical), firkins (UK), firkins (US), gallons (UK), gallons (US) dry, gallons (US) liquid, gills (UK), gills (US), hectoliters, hins (Biblical), hogsheads, homers (Biblical), lasts (UK), logs - biblical, milliliters, minims (US), omers (Biblical), ounces (UK), ounces (US) fluid, pail (Russian pre-metric), pecks (UK), pecks (US), perches, pints (UK), pints (US) dry, pints (US) liquid, quarts (UK), quarts (US) dry, quarts (US) liquid, seahs (Biblical), steres, tablespoon, teaspoon, tuns, seki, syou, tananloug, tang, to, doe, gou, hop, icce, kwian, mal, taza (Spanish), Acre-foot [US survey foot], Bags [UK], Board Feet, Centilitres, Cubic Decimeters, Cubic Decameters, Cubic Milimeters, Decilitres, Drachms [UK fluid], Kiloliters, Minims [UK], Sack [UK]

Weight (64)
kilograms, assarianos (Biblical Roman), bekahs (Biblical Hebrew), carats, centals, centners, denarri (Biblical Roman), didrachmas (Biblical Greek), drachmas (Biblical Greek), dynes, gerahs (Biblical Hebrew), grains, grams, hundredweights longs, hundredweights short, kips, leptons (Biblical Roman), micrograms, milligrams, minas (Biblical Greek), minas (Biblical Hebrew), ounces avoirdupois, ounces, troy, pennyweights, pounds, pounds, troy, quadrans (Biblical Roman), quarets, scruples, shekels (Biblical Hebrew), slugs, stone (UK), talents (Biblical Greek), talents (Biblical Hebrew), tetra-drachmas (Biblical Greek), tons (US), tons, long, tons, metric, baht, chung, don, geun, gwan, harb, jin (China), jin (Taiwan), kan, kin, liang (China), liang (Taiwan), monme, quintal (metric), saloung, tamlung, tonnes, tons (UK), Assay Tons, Decigrams, Dekagrams, Drams apoth or troy, Drams (avdp.), Myriagrams, Quarters [US long], Scruples [apoth.]

Electric Current (8)
Amperes, Abamperes, Cgs. units of current, E.M. cgs. units of surface charge density, Mks. units of current, Coulombs/sec, Faradays, Statamperes

Electricity (5)
Abvolts, Microvolts, Millivolts, Volts, Statvolts

Farads (6)
Abfarads, E.M. cgs. Units, E.S. cgs units, Farads, Microfarads, Statfarads

Resistance (6)
Abohms, Cgs. units of resistance, Megohms, Microhms, Ohms, Statohms

Speed (17)
Cm. / hr., Cm. / min., Cm. / sec., Feet / hr., Feet / min., Feet / sec., Kilometers / hr., Kilometers / min., Kilometers / sec., Knots (Int.), Meters / hr., Meters / min., Meters / sec., Miles / hr., Miles / min., Miles / sec., Speed of Light

System Requirements
To run Scientific Unit Converter you will need a PC with:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
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